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Thread: Questions about Leg injury in Sika Stag

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    Questions about Leg injury in Sika Stag

    After seeing this topic in Diseases in Deer and related matters
    i hav a couple of questions, as this quite interests me

    In which area was the stag shot (not on about bullet placement or exact location)??

    Approx how old was the stag as this might answer my next question ??

    Why does losing such a limb where the injury has actually healed up, caused or going to cause such abnormalities to antler growth year after year??
    as surely now the wound has healed any hormonal inbalance also should be back to norm as the body is not fighting against itself any more

    and just one more at the mo

    would this cause any potential probs in future breeding if it was still alive, as i hav seen and shot many Fallow and Muntjac Does with such limb loss that hav been heavy in young which seemed to be in good condition with a healthy looking feotus
    or have produced healthing looking young to which seemed to hav or had no adversed side affects to being produced by a mother with such defects...

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    20 years ago I shot a roebuck in Perthshire which was walking lamely up a hill, on inspection we found it had 2 broken or fractured legs that had healed but were not as mobile as the the other two, it also had 11 points on its antlers, an article on it appeared in the late Stalking magazine. acording to Richard Prior whom looked at it, calcium in the mending legs would cause abnormalities in antler growth especialy on the opposite side to the damaged legs

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    wot an interesting post
    So if the buck in question was in early stages of velvet , the calcifacation process due to the bones mending themselves, could actully help increase the antler growth for that year
    then i would guess the antler growth would go back to normal for future heads
    as there would no longer be an influx of calcium build up in the body
    would you hav a picture knocking about with the said beast on by any chance??

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