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Thread: 100 grain soft point .270win bullets for foxes

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    100 grain soft point .270win bullets for foxes

    I have just been gifted a box of Speer 100grain softpoint bullets (loose heads in a box) for a .270 by my uncle who has given up shooting due to ill health. pity as he still is a good shot..

    Anyway he said that these heads are good for foxes as they don't drop like a stone like the 130 and 140's do..
    Has anybody else used these bullets?
    If so what powder loads do they like. I have a few tubs of Hodgdon H4831SC I can play with and a few tubs of Varget which my uncle gave me too...

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    Which part of the fox do you want to pick up...there will be mince and mist when you use them.
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    I have tried 90, 100 and 100gr Hollow points through the .270

    they are quick! like 3500fps quick!

    No fox will walk from a centre mass hit that's for sure.
    no sure I understand what you mean in your description. Is your uncle saying 100's are better or worse than 130's?

    personally there is only so far you can blow things up!!

    As for powder the Hodgson you have is perfect.
    the Varget wouldnt be my choice but will do the job.

    how long is your barrel?

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    Problem often is that by the time you have tested the loads, and for any change of zero, that you've wasted both time and powder and lost the original zero that the rifle was set for with your normal bullet weights.

    Don't like to pour cold water on a scheme but, personally, unless you've AT LEAST a full box I'd just pass them on to the police for destruction or to an RFD. Remember these expanding bullets have now gobbled up some of your FAC expanding missile quota!

    There's nothing that the standard 130, 140 or even 150 grain bullet won't do to a fox that these 100 grain do any better out to one hundred or one hundred and fifty yards. And using you usual stalking load for this will only but increase your efficiency with getting to know how that normal stalking load performs at long ranges in terms of trajectory and hold over.

    I am a great believer in "one rifle one load" and then get to "learn" it at all ranges.

    And their sectional density is actually worse than the heavier and longer bullets in .277".

    Me? They'd make nice light recoil loads, say 2,800fps to 2,900 fps, for a youth as a standard deer load (and out to one hundred or one hundred and fity yards the the zero issue should be OK) and assuming the bullet design is conventional cup and core and not open tip or plastic tip.

    Think a .277" version of .243 Winchester or .257 Roberts. But 3,300 fps for foxes? Awful muzzle flash and quite hot on the barrel throat too. And offers no advantage over the standard 130 to 150 grain loads for that purpose at that range.
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    I have some 90gr HP loaded over 50gr of N140 - cracking round that is not too harsh. You'd need to go to the reloading manual (or the chaps on here) for exemplar load data for Varget or H4831 - the latter is obviously a classic 270 powder. Don't shoot it much though as I use a smaller calibre for foxing.
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