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Thread: DSC2 witnessed stalks

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    DSC2 witnessed stalks

    I have booked some stalking with AW this weekend to fill my DSC2 portfolio. My assessment centre (BDS) recommends to contact an assessor prior to any witnessed outing. I am wondering why I should do this as I feel pretty confident and dont see any point in contacting assessor and wasting his and my time.
    I would also welcome any piece of advice from people who have done their DSC2.


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    I am just waiting for my Registration to come through, but I have met several AW's and CW's and they always recommend that the "Student" contacts them first to get an indication of what they want you to do.


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    If you want the man to act as an AW his role is somewhat different to acting as gude, ghillie or sporting agent.
    Primarily because he isn't supposed to "find you deer too shoot." Your supposed to find and deal with the right beast and he just shadows/assesses you. Unless you know the ground well you may struggle on unfamiliar ground locating and shooting deer. Hell you may not know his boundaries.
    That's why he wants prior warning cos on the actual day he ain't supposed to advise or assist just observe and assess. He's likely to choose different areas for different client requirements.
    Turn up on the day and he may take issue with your agenda!

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    Just to clarify. I am going to meet AW and have a brief introduction about his expectations, safety, his land, deer he has on his land, boundaries and all the details. I am not sure why to contact an ASSESSOR, especially is I was given a list of 20 names, and assessor most likely be randomely selected by the assessment centre when I have my portfolio submitted.


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    Contact your Assessor, let him know what you intend to do, its only good manners. They can be funny Buggers sometimes.......
    Also, Try to remember that from the moment you meet your AW on the day, you are being studied.
    Emphesis everything you do, especially the safety aspects of the stalk. Don't take anything for granted. Explain what you intend to do before you do it.
    From personal experience, make sure the AW is right next to you should you be in a position to take a shot. I had to shoot an extra beast because the Assessor did'nt think that the AW was close enough to see the safety come off and then go back on again. This was his (the Assessors)assumption from the write up.
    Once again, don't leave anthing to chance and most of all

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    You should have designated a specific assessor. Check your portfolio.

    I didnt contact mine until I had finished and it caused me no probs. On the other hand I cant see why it would be a problem to say hello. Sets the right tone.

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    I think the guys may have misunderstood your query, obviously you need to contact the AW to make the arrangements for the outing.

    The reason that you need to contact an Assesor is to make sure that you understand what DSC2 is all about and make sure that YOU get the portfolio filled out correctly. Don't forget that it is your responsibility to ensure that the paperwork is correct. More DSC2 problems arise because of bad admin than bad skills in the field.

    Do give an Assesor a call (although you may have left it a bit late now - I would try just after dark this evening).

    Do make sure that you and the AW both make a good job of the paperwork.

    And, please, please, do enjoy your witnessed stalks and go into the process with a positive attitude.

    Don't forget that it is not a test, simply an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge whilst there is someone else present to witness and assist in the recording of the event.

    Also, don't forget that you can gain a fair bit of evidence even if you don't get a shot, for example, you could stalk into a shooting position on an out of season deer and indicate to the AW that you would be happy to take the shot, assuming that it is safe and achievable, then you will have a stalk in the bag which will come into play later if you shoot a beast from a high seat or shoot two beasts as a result of one stalk.

    Good luck, hope that you have a succesful weekend.


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    I would recommend anyone starting level 2 having at least one 'Training' trip out before attempting their first stalk, almost like a 'mock' exam. It's all well and good believing you are at the required standard, to then find out you are not during your first stalk! It is also a good way to get to know your AW and also the ground if you are unfamiliar with it. The required standard is actually quite high and you are unlikely to be anywhere near it unless you have had practical training over several animals, and better still, both sexes throughout a whole season. Books are great but can't teach you everything!
    There is no substitute for 'hands-on' practical experience. I know someone will say that i am just trying to make more money by making it 4 stalks instead of 3! However, I don't charge anything so I am therefore not!
    Good Luck!

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    Re: assessor

    Quote Originally Posted by shootingduckdog

    You should have designated a specific assessor. Check your portfolio.
    No, there is a big sticker where should be assessor's name saying "Assessors list attched".

    As I said, it seems quite weird to call one guy from the list whereas the portfolio goes to someone else. Unless its me who selects the assessor...


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    Sorry bud, I did mine with BASC and had a designated assessor.

    If it helps I could try and send you a scanned copy of my completed (and passed) portfolio. It will give a much better idea of what to expect and allow you to check out your AWs admin skills too!!

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