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Thread: Honda quad problems

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    Honda quad problems

    My quad, a 500cc hydrostatiic model, since new has had a problem. Every now and again (30 hrs -50hrs)it goes into limp mode. No ES gears at all, reverses only just( better pushing the bloody thing) The gear position light flashes, fault code 10. Normally the angle sensor gets changed and this cures the problem. The last time it went I was told to run the quad in the ES box and not the automatic box. Not made a difference. Are we missing something? What else can we have checked?


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    You are to rough on it .need to be more careful of your gear.

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    Its a well known fault - we changed one angle sensor which was well filled with gunge - next time we stripped it down and put it together again without finding any fault and ever since then every time it happens I switch the quad off and start it again,

    Not much help but seems to be an electronic glitch rather than a real fault

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    i have no clue on this but one of the members is a honda tech i saw him on the post wot do you do for a job post he may be a place to start !!

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    There was a chap on here called Keith he was a Honda specialist cant remember his SD name Keith something

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    My mate had a similar problem with his quad, had a hell of a bother with it back and forward to local dealers for a while, dunno about ur's but his was water/dampness in the wiring looms, he even bought a 2nd bike for spares swapped something over and then it broke again so had 2 bikes that wouldn't run! Ended up stripping the bike right down then taking it to dealer to redo the wiring, dealer was quite happy for him to strip and rebuild the bikes to keep his costs down.
    His had been stored in a steel shipping container up shoot for the last 2 years, think just being put away wet/damp and being stored in a damp container would not help.

    I've had a few 420's ES over the years and got the 500ES now but only keep them under 2 years, for all hondas rarely go wrong when the more complicated ES or hydrostatic systems go wrong they can be expensive to fix. Must admit always glad off the warranty as have had a few things fixed towards the end off 2 the years.
    Never liked the auto bikes always seem to be in wrong gear for the speeds i tend to travel, always to low and revving does my nut in.

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    I've got a 500 foreman hydrostatic at work. The only problem I've had is when the battery had been left flat, I then lost the gears at 2 in the morning the other side of the estate.
    It turned out the gearbox needed recalibriating, which is easily done by using a combination of the hand controls. I've got the correct sequence written down in my workshop.
    Apart from that the quad has been faultless.

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