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Thread: mounting sling swivels?

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    mounting sling swivels?

    Hey Folks,
    Need to put sling swivels on my "new" rifle..... Wondering if it is as simple as drilling a pilot hole for the stud and screwing it in to the butt stock or is there more to it than that? Wood stock..... I remember seeing some stocks with black and/or white plastic plugs in them but mine doesn't have them...

    Thanks. Dave

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    That's the way i do mine, but the fore end i drill out a slot inside the fore end and insert a full stud and washer/ locknut then use a dremel to cut off the stud that is over length overlay with plastic padding and that way your bi-pod wont pull it out and the fitting is lower than you barrel.

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    Rear, solid wood. Drill with 4.2mm then drill about 2-3mm deep with 5.5mm. for 3/4" wood screw type swivel stud.
    Front depends on how deep one can set a screw but generally like Paul said.

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