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Thread: Scratches left on case from die whilst re-sizing.

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    Scratches left on case from die whilst re-sizing.


    Is it time to change my dies?

    I bought the dies second hand as part of a complete set up, Lee RGB dies. All was OK initially, with no additional scratches after re-sizing.
    At 1st I just wiped the exterior of the cases to remove any debris/dirt, cleaned inside the neck. Then after putting lube (lee) on the case and inside the neck, deprimed & re-sized. All good.
    I then changed to clean the outside of the case with 000 grade wire wool, wiped and continued as above. ( do not have tumbler or ultra sonic tank as only reload a small number) I think initially all good.
    I had not reloded for a few months and I had never cleaned the interior of the die apart from the very 1st time I used it.

    When I deprimed & resized I noticed that the cases had scratches down them, running parallel down the side of the case. Upon inspection inside the die I can see slight corrosion marks, which I have tried to remove with the wire wool by polishing out. There has been a slight improvement but slight scratches are left on cases.

    1) The scratches are only slight but can be felt with a finger nail, will they split / dangerous after several reloading ?
    2) I now take it that after every time using any die I should clean inside????, is brake cleaner ok to wash out with???.
    3) Is wire cool clean prior to resizing a bad idea ( only started doing this as I'm sure it was mentioned in the Lee 'modern reloading Manual')
    4) Are there any suggestions to remove the corrosion as wire wool does not seem to work or should I just bin the die and buy another set ???


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    got any pics of the cases after sizing?

    1: dunno, would like to see a photo but doubt they'll split or be dangerous.
    2: i guess it depends on what kind of lube you use? i use imperial sizing wax and never clean them. no problems.
    3: wouldn't bother myself. i don't have a tumbler or ultrasonic either, and it's never been a problem for me since i sold them 5 years ago.
    4: i'd swap to redding dies but that's a personal preference.

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    Personally, I'd give another internal polishing a good try. Cleaning out with brake cleaner is fine in my book.
    Can't see the scratches being a danger as long as they are light marks & not developing splits.
    Cleaning cases before re-sizing is always a good idea.
    Are you sure the scratches are from the die & not the result of pressure/hard extraction within the breech?

    A new re-sizing die won't break the bank if you decide that's the thing to do. ATB
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