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Thread: parker hale adaptor

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    parker hale adaptor

    looking for adapters for my 22 rod and 17 rod but cant make sense of it all what adaptors would i need for say proshot or tetra jags and brush and best place to get them from help much appreciated

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    I had a selection of different rods so took the best of them into Greenfields of Salisbury and was let loose on his tray of various mops, brushes and jags.
    Walked out about 30.00 lighter in the pocket but had all I needed.

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    Give Norman Clark a bell then visit him at the Phoenix Meeting at Bisley next spring - assuming you can wait that long. I got an adapter from him for an old brass PH 3 piece rod I use for the rook rifles so I could use proshot attachments.
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    Yes. Norman Clarke.

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