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Thread: Big Cats?

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    Big Cats?

    Now I'm not trying to start anything other than genuine discussion with this, I have a certain belief that country / sporting people are genuine, when they say they have seen something that won't fit into a known bracket, I have been using an air rifle , a shotgun, or a cf rifle, since 1969.. I feel I have had my share of the eyes playing tricks on me too, usually around dawn / dusk, .. But I cannot work out what I saw yesterday morning (in full daylight) @ 60 yards ish, I was sitting in the cab of the truck while being unloaded, at a premise on Biddulph Moor, not a particularly isolated spot given it's name, but neither is it urban,... a movement in the corner of the works car park drew my attention, straight off you go into "Maybe it's Charlie" on his way home, No, wrong colour,all dun brown, belly has a low slung swaying look about it, so feline? but what domestic moggie is bigger than a good sized dog fox?, I didn't get a look at the face, as this animal was not concerned about what was going on with the fork trucks or the odd car arriving for work,.. this animal proceeded to go up an embankment into a wooded area with a very fluid motion, almost effortless.. anyone know what sort of medium sized cat may have been kept in a domestic situation & then maybe "gone native"?
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    sure you weren't trying to answer the whiskey question????
    Anything is possible tho... Think it was big enough to be a lynx? They can turn up anywhere...

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    Down our way there are some large feral cats, which live completely wild in the countryside & some of the unneutered males can get to be surprisingly big, as in the same size a large fox. While out rabbiting on a summers night a mate & i saw such a cat ambush a fox, then rob him of a rabbit he had just caught.

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    Been doing some searching on the net after a pm from a member, came across an unrelated result, directing my search to a good match,I reckon someone in the Biddulph area has a very expensive taste in exotic cats, I reckon it may have been an F1 hybrid Savannah Male, seems they can make 40lbs, are more canine like in their house habits & can be trained to play ball (retrieving etc)... colouration was a good match, the spotting may have been lighter than normal, leading to my description of Dun brown ..... Ah well, at least it wasn't carrying a lamb
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    Have a close friend who is working nights as site security on a railway line. He has seen on several occassions a feline bigger than a fox but as yet unable to id it. Hopefuiy will attempt to get a trail cam set up to see if we can capture a pic.

    If so may be a first


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    My brother has a pair of F5 bengal crosses, both male one is very much more like a domestic cat while the other is now much bigger. The folk he bought them from also have (IIRC) Ocelots as well and from memory they are fairly big, but look distinctively like a lepoard (sp?), some of the cats you can get (for a lot of cash) can be quite interesting.

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    +1 I think you are close with the Serval F1 hybrid, very odd that it's all right to breed and sell these things but DEFRA say it's perfectly ok?

    Pure insanity, just waiting for the first attack on a child which I hope will never happen? ? ?

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    I never rule anything out but I doubt given how close proximity we are in the UK, if there was something it would have been seen a lot more readily. With the advent of quality camera phone of which nearly everyone carries not to mention trail cam I would be surprised that it hadn't been see. I have see a very big cat I think it was called a Maine Coon and it was ****ing massive to the point if you saw it out and were not aware what it is being dark I am sure you would easily think it was a panther of some sorts.

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    Funnily enough there was a newspaper story on this recently but it can take nature documentaries months of constant searching in areas that big cats live in to find some shots of them for there programs and they have all top of the range kit i wouldn't be surprised if there is small populations that are slowly disappearing due to a lack or breading numbers. There are also cases of all sorts of big cats being killed or captured over the years

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    I'm a big cat believer.

    At one time I worked in an area which was known for big cat sightings. I have never seen one, or definite sign of one, however.......... Whilst lamping one night I saw what I'm 99% sure was a black fox, the same kind of shade as a young cub. Despite spending hours in the same area after that I never saw it again. It did make me wonder if there was a genetic throwback to that colour in the Fox population in that area which might have explained the fleeting 'black Puma' sightings.......?

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