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Thread: Left handed drill bit

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    Left handed drill bit

    One for the machinists out there...

    I was running a box of old drill bits through the electric sharpener and noticed one that look a bit odd...the cutting edge spiral ran the opposite way to all the other drills .
    I put it it in my cordless, unsharpened, turned the reverse switch on the drill to anti-clockwise, and it zipped through a piece of scrap wood no problems.

    I never knew such a thing existed. The question is...why on earth would you want one?.

    There will no doubt be plenty of comedy answers, I just wondered if anyone actually knew.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Properly they are used to drill something that is held in by a left hand thread, so as you drill it does not unscrew.
    But most useful for removing sheared off bolts, theory is as you drill it unscrews the bolt.
    In practise it sometimes works, but it's no substitute for a proper extractor.

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    Drilling out seized or snapped off studs, as the pressure is relieved by drilling through the stud they often wind themselves out as Hornet 6 mentioned.

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    There used in multi spindle drilling heads were each spindle is driven by a gear from the spindle beside it.
    You have 1 right hand next left hand and so on more common on woodwork machines now days.


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    Thanks guy's.

    SD... better than google
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I found a left handed mallet in an old tool box recently - didn't know they did them either. Are there any 'witch-handed' carpenters on here that want it?

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    All of the above. Aldi have some in this week along with packets of sky hooks.

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    Im still tring to find a bag of sparks for me grinder!

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    i make left hand clipping hammers ,to draw the clip on a horse shoe,

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce w View Post
    i make left hand clipping hammers ,to draw the clip on a horse shoe,
    I think the one I have is a left-handed glass mallet.

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