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Thread: what deburring tool do you use ???

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    what deburring tool do you use ???

    as title lads, my lee ones had it, what deburring tool do you use on your rifle cases lads ?????



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    i use the wilson one its very simlar to the rcbs, forster and redding one

    pm inf you need one
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    I use a Wilson for the outside and a K&N VLD chamfer tool for the inside.


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    spot on ian
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    I use RCBS but, in fact, if you look at it it says "Made for RCBS by XXX". Which I can't remember is EITHER Forster or Wilson. But in any case it fits my Forster made deburring tool "stand" that is like a miniature rotary bean slicer in appearance.

    I've had both for nearly thirty years and neither have "had it". I'll have "had it" before they do!

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    thatll be wilson they make them for forster as well
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    you have a pm .223
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    I have used Lee (crap), RCBS (quite good) and K&M (absolutely fantastic for inside the case mouth).

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    I have a Lee one I've had ever since I started loading almost 30 years ago . And I've acquired two of the RCBS style since then ones got a lesser angle .

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    If working by hand I use the RCBS one.
    But as I trim to length with a Lee trimmer set up, I usually de-burr with a tapered triangular engineers de-burring scraper.
    They are certainly not for everyone, but a lifetime of using one at work has left me very comfortable with using one, but it would be very easy
    to slip and cut yourself badly, or worse still cut a case in half


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