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Thread: German Army Sniper sleeping bag

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    German Army Sniper sleeping bag

    I'm putting my old stalking kit back into service and thought it might be worthwhile mentioning this item - if it's already been posted just ignore me and I'll get back under my rock.

    Now that it's getting a bit chilly while sitting around - as I discovered this morning - it's probably time to get into this sleeping bag if up in a high seat, in a hide or just lying prone waiting for deer to appear.

    I've had years of use out of my one, which cost me about 20. As you can see, you can wear it like a jacket and there is a zipped opening in both the waterproof outer and quilted inner at about knee height, so you can get your legs out and walk around or climb a high seat while already 'wearing' it - the lower foot section folds up behind and is secured around your waist by an attached strap. Undo the strap when in position and it reverts back into a full bag to keep your tootsies warm.

    The quilted inner is not too thick nor bulky, so walking to your preferred ambush point already kitted up is no great problem. I've really found it a great piece of kit and it's kept me warm and ready for action over the years. Available from a number of sources - just google german army sleeping bag or something similar.

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    I had one of these I bought it from a paintball shop and I can confirm it was easy to use, waterproof and reasonably warm. I think I leant it to a keeper friend of mine for the dens earlier in the year so I will need to get it back before the snow starts!

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    Had one issued when in the army. I thought as a sleeping bag they were ***** but for lying on post in a digout they were very good.
    As a sleeping bag the arms froze and hands were mostly in the mud. Traditional sleeping bag designs are latrger and warmer.
    These are of really good quality though.

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    Hi Orion. I brought this up before and agree with you that its a good piece of kit.


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    Despite the 'I've heard of someone's brother's mate who used one and said it was noisy/uncomfortable/embarrasing' answers to your previous thread, I'll maintain that it's one of the best pieces of stalking kit I've got.

    Of course it's not a pukka down sleeping bag, but it's ideal for giving decent freedom of movement while fully clothed in normal stalking gear, and just the ticket while in a high seat.

    The only problem I've had is a tendency to nod off!

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    They look really good. I think I may have to buy a couple of those! I quite like to lie up about 150 yards from a Rabbit warren and just wait for them to pop out. It's usually a summer thing but if I had one of these I recon it could be quite comfortable even in a light frost?

    If they work then they're a great price. Can't argue at 30 for something that will keep you nice and warm when you're sat around.

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    I am already rotund, , I think I'd look like a Michelin man in one of those! Hah!, Just remembered the Pilsbury dough boy advert

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    Quote Originally Posted by njc110381
    if I had one of these I recon it could be quite comfortable even in a light frost?
    For lying around I add in one of these ex-mil mats to insulate from the ground - only a couple of quid from surplus stores.

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    You travel a long way for a weekend on "your ground". It's winter and the days are short. You have a full Scottish , load up with flask of ??? and head out for the 8 hours of daylight....

    Seems like a good ambush combo for Galloway, so good I actually bought both for Jan / Feb.


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    when i was a student i had a really unpleasant night in one of these. granted i was very pissed and in a liverpool terrace with no central heating in the winter. that night still haunts me 15 years later.

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