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    I know there are a few knowledgeable guys on hear.So here we go,my l200 after reliable starting/running now struggles to start,done away with the egr vale and blanked off.
    New plugs new fuel filter,still the same.
    Today I noticed a small rubber pipe hanging loose,for the life of me I cannot see where the other end goes.Its located mid way along the battery,long when leaning on the passenger side wing,the pipe is attached to a metal cylinder a bit bigger than a cotton reel,with a long thin bolt sticking out the top and a nut 2 thirds up the thread.
    Please help.
    Regards Tony.

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    Tony, I am not an expert on L200s (apart from scrapping the heads and blocks !), but I think a photo of what you describe would mean those with the same vehicle could look at theirs and direct you as to how to fix ?
    Also, probably in the wrong area, try general discussion for a better response ?
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    Moving the thread to correct section is a great idea, also posting a picture of said offending pipe and cotton reel thingy might jog our memories as to what it is. atb T

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    None of your pals got a truck you can pop the bonnet on and have a look at to see where the pipe goes? I take it the truck is a classic shaped one? I'm busy this morning but I can have a quick look at the mine this afternoon


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    Thanks Guys,if I can load photo,it runs under the cable tie,the end of the pipe goes to the cylinder,near the coil spring,battery at base of photo,
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    Hi Tony not sure about the pipe you are showing but i had a similar problem and it was an air leak on the inlet manifold also a split in the vacuum pipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony rentokil View Post
    Thanks Guys,if I can load photo,it runs under the cable tie,the end of the pipe goes to the cylinder,near the coil spring,battery at base of photo,
    Hi, the photo you have is of the injector pump, looking at the pic it looks like the earlier type pump, 2001 or older??

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    Just looked at mine, its different. Sorry not much help


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    thanks roxbro,the pipe we spoke about runs back behind the rocker cover then runs along side to another metal pipe, the injtector pump ie[ cotton reel]
    This is where my pipe attachs to, there is a metal nipple pipe directly below but surely my loose end does not double back to this nipple as this would pinch the rubber pipe,making a u bend which some how does not look right,ps I have registered on the l200 site but they say it will take up to a week to post.

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    there are quite a few vac pipes on the l200 if you connect them up wrong or leave a pipe off the engine will run very lumpy or struggle to start.
    best bet is to look under another bonnet and compare. most mitzi owners are quite approachable.

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