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Thread: Hobbies

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    I was just wondering what people on here do in their spare time. I know for some people (me included at the moment) shooting is a hobby in its self, but surely you must do other things?!? I my self am mountain biker. Well anything with two wheels really. I also partake in the usual teenage antics of parties and other things best left un-mentioned.


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    I love to go fishing, hiking, climbing and done a bit of mountain biking although my brother is the expert in that. Anything outdoors really.

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    Other than running a shoot which combines business with pleasure, my other hobbies are Charlie 6.5, Harriet 4.5 and Eva 15 months. Oh and rugby

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    I wonder if Admin would combine this with the "Best Whisky" thread.

    Might save bandwidth.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Basketball, skiing, reading.

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    Certainly my shooting is a hobby. By which I mean I don't make money from it. Others include grandchildren, children and wife. They're all non-profit making. Also motorbikes, rugby (following it that is, at my age), photography and cooking.

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    Reading. Reading about shooting mainly, but occasionally I do get a little fed up and diversify. 1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam at this exact second, but I hunt e bay all the time for big game books. I imagine there will be a huge range of quite surprising hobbies given the numbers of contributors to this excellent forum.
    Having said that, practising being negative must be the main hobby for a few!!

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    Wish I had spare time!
    Between being the family's taxi service helping the girls' with their homework(eldest has her Nat5 prelims at the moment) spare time for me is a luxury that I don't have.
    If I did it would be reading and woodworking


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    For me it's motorcycling, although that's more of a commuting necessity than a hobby at the moment. I'm also a keen rock climber, occasional fly fisherman, and real ale drinker. Sadly I'm far more of an "aspiring" shooter at the moment.

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    For me stalking and keepering has always been a job, and have never really wanted to do anything else for a living .

    So hobbies tended to be something completely different, classic cars have always been an interest, reading, gardening, researching family history, mountain rescue (though have had to resign from that due to health reasons) fishing and bee keeping are two things I did when young but have not had time for in recent years,plenty to keep me occupied when I retire.

    i do believe a man needs interests out with his work, otherwise life would be very dull,likewise if health issues should stop you taking part in an activity, you need something else to fill that space.

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