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Thread: 65 deer per square mile : too many ?

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    65 deer per square mile : too many ?

    Here's some current news from Long Island, New York where local people are trying to pursuade their council to return deer levels to more reasonable numbers :

    The current level of 65 plus per square mile is clearly miles too high, no kidding.

    Locals are suggesting a more reasonable level of 8-10 or fewer per square mile.
    The uncontrolled and rapidly increasing number of deer has brought on a health, safety and environmental crisis in North Fork with widespread cases of deer tick-borne illnesses, auto/deer accidents, forest understory and native species destruction, landscape and crop damage.

    Through the looking glass ...

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    where in norfolk are you spix?
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    North fork, New York is a very cramped place close to the exclusive Hamptons, the locals there probably don't like the deer messing up their golf courses and knocking over their cocktails on the deck as much as anything.
    The only place your linked story might have a possible analogue to in the UK would be Sandbanks in Poole - if it was suddenly invaded by about 15-20 tick-laden Sika or Fallow.
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    not far from me then
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    Research from both the UK and abroad suggests that deer densities of 4/km2 - 8/km2 are beneficial with woodland regeneration being impacted on at 14/km2 and above. Experimentally Fallow deer were stocked at an artificially high density of 100/ km2 for 22 years and this had a severe impact on the understorey.

    But having no deer at all can also be destructive with more invasive woodland plants becoming dominant and the destructive progression of wood edge and wood pasture habitats to scrub and eventually a species poor high wood habitat.

    IMO what is needed is a balanced approach with deer maintained at sustainable beneficial levels, so 65 deer per square mile does seem rather high.

    atb Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    not far from me then
    Out enjoying the day, Spud, and drove through Aylsham on the way, but no, nowhere near you.

    I like north Norfolk alot but it's a total dead loss socially.

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