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    FAC restrictions

    hello to all, i recieved my FAC in the post today. i had applied for .22LR and .243. both were approved but with restrictions that means that i have to be supervised with an experienced rifle shooter for the LR and with an experienced full bore rifle shooter for all types of shooting. i am 16 and i have been shooting fo 6 years, shot my first duck when i was 11, i have had saftey drilled into me for the last 7 years, i have game shot every season since i was 11. i help game keep on 2 local shoots and i ahve stalked 5 times. i have shot foxes with the lamp with calibres up to .308. i was expecting the restriction on the .243 but the restrictin on the .22 monumentally pissed me off! how cani get this lifted? is there anyway to appeal? any help would be vastly appreciated. thank you

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    It might be a pain but at least you are up and on your way. Enjoy it!!
    Wonder what you want from Santa???

    (see other post for advice)

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    West Mercia?

    Don't worry about it, it only took 6months to get mine lifted with a good letter from a mate.
    Just keep a record of when, who, how many rounds yoy have shot.
    Pretty straight forward, but as you say, a bit of a bummer.

    At least you were not refused.


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    Meanwhile take extra care with that .22LR, got to be the worst round for going astray!

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    I'm sorry to hear you've had these restrictions put on you. It's probably due to your age. I wouldn't suggest you appeal as it will upset your FEO. Just humour them and get out there as often as you possibly can with as many people as you can find to take you out. Fire as much ammo as you can afford to buy, at whatever you think will takle a bullet safely. Windfall apples, various items of litter, maybe even some bunnies. Then buy more ammo and do it all again.

    Record your outings, who you've shot with and the number of rounds fired. Don't bother including what you've shot at. After a few months send in your FAC with a letter from as many of your mentors as you can talk into saying you're safe and also your shoot records, and ask to be allowed out on your own.

    Time seems to stand still at your age. Just drop it to the back of your mind and plod on as usual. The chances are you'll be shooting with the people you've always shot with anyway so just have fun and forget about the fact that they have to be there. When I dropped my mentor condition I found myself still shooting with him - it was only then that I realised that being "restricted" to going out with him really didn't matter at all!

    Trust me, time flies when you're having fun. I've been shooting for two years now and have my FAC open and for any legal quarry with calibres right up to .300 Magnum. Don't try to run before you can walk. Be friendly to your FEO and respect his wishes whilst respectfully pushing for more at every chance they give you. If there's a question you have, ask them. They like to feel important and if you ask questions it makes you look like you're being careful and that you want to learn. It also gets them recognising your name if you're in regular (ish) contact and when they get to know you they'll trust you more.

    It wont take long for you to get exactly what you want if they grow to like you. If you push them and they start to see you as a pain, maybe you'll still be shooting with a land restriction at your renewal in five years. Think about tomorrow as well as today is the best advice I can give. If you respect them they will respect you and in the long term that will help you a lot.

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    im 16 and they only let me have a .22 and 17 hmr, i have to be supervised but it dosent have to be buy a fac holder wich makes it ok, you might be able to ask for that instead of the exlerienced shooter bit.

    it was my first certificate he was happy with the shotgun because of all my experience, but i hadnt done a great amount of rifle shooting,so i didnt get a stalking rifle, but i have no restrictions ( other than being supervised, but thats just because im under 17)

    he said apply when for a stalking rifle when your 17 and youl get one without any problem, its just because im young
    it might be worth asking for the .22 one removing but you will still have to be supervised, my feo just told me to keep my nose clean til i was 17 and then it all gets alot easyer.

    oh, whats the deal with amunition, i know it has to be bought for me but does it use up the persons whos buying it for you allowence?

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