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Thread: 22 Hornet vs 22K Hornet

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    22 Hornet vs 22K Hornet

    Which one should I go for ?

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    This may not be a terribly helpful answer, but I wanted a hornet for years, but in the end, after doing a lot of research, decided on a .222 instead.

    No real difference in noise or recoil once moderated. Longer range and more widely available ammunition. Legal on roe in Scotland.

    Absolutely love it.

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    just where do you draw the line.
    222 is just that bit better than a hornet, of course if going for a 222 you just as well get a 223, but then a 22 250 has slightly longer leggs than 223.
    then again if you go for 22 250, why not go 243 and be deer legal as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOMX View Post
    Which one should I go for ?
    I have had 3 hornets, which I k'd all of them. One thing I will say is putting in a k chamber is not a gurantee of increased velocity. It will extend case life. I have found the k hornets have a preference for 2205 powder where the standard hornets seem to like win 296.
    The shoulder on the k can make loading some magazines a pain. It did with my brno fox.
    The hornets are a very capable round and I have shot a few goats with mine. Great on foxes under 200.
    The next step up is followed by hundreds of more steps.
    I don't have a hornet now, but am trying to think of an excuse to get a zastava. Their magazine lends themselves to a k chamber.

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    Some time ago I started a thread entitled 'To K or not to K ?' and got lots of helpful thoughts. I decided to leave mine as standard.
    Velocity wise, with H Li'l Gun, small pistol primers and light bullets, it would appear that there is little to be gained. The magazine is usually the limiting factor for overall length unless you wish to single load.

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    the main advantage is the shoulder on the K stops the case growing. it's worth doing.

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    Hi big oak, I have a 22h in cz 527 and have been thinking of having mine done. How much does it affect the loading the magazine? Not trying to hijack the thread here BTW.

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    go for the K and in a ruger no:1 action simples.

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    I wouldn't alter a CZ chamber for anything. They are one of the few companies that do it correctly.~Muir

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    Quite simple - if the performance of the standard hornet is not enough - Dont F++ about getting it K'd for a few measley FPS

    Get a more powerful cartridge - ie 222 or 223


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