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Thread: .22 hornet problem not going off

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    .22 hornet problem not going off

    i put up about this problem on the site before, the problem i have is 1 in every 6 bullets is not going off in my .22 hornet ive loaded them - with 12grains lil gun and 35gr vmax head, the primers struck but the rounds not going off i.e no bang- last time i had this problem i went and bought new primers from another gun smith see if that made any difference im useing cci small rifle primers think they say 400 or somthing on the box , i did thing it was just a bad batch of primers thus why i changed supplier, i use the same primers in my .223 and have no problem with them, can someone identify my problem ohhh and i also had a mate check my fireing pin on my bolt its not chipped or anything, any sensible input would be appreciated on this matter cheers rab

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    If not already done when your mate checked the pin, strip the bolt and check the spring for fracture. Give the bolt a good clean inside to remove any build up of crud. My old BSA .22 Hornet was still full of grease when I got it.
    Is there any chance that your reloading process could be contaminating the primers with lube, perhaps transferred from your fingers ? Some lubes will kill primers as effectively as oil.
    Good luck with finding a resolution.

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    Try some factory ammunition and see if the problem is with your reloads or the rifle?

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    jccampbellsmith have you any idea how much that would pain me buying factory loads lol however i may need to give this a try,

    unclenorn - i dont use any lube while reloading, i will strip down the bolt and check it again myself there a bit of a buger to put back together though its an old bruno ive got

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert1666 View Post
    jcampbellsmith have you any idea how much that would pain me buying factory loads lol however i may need to give this a try, ..

    It's basic troubleshooting, is the issue your ammunition or your rifle? Unless you approach the problem logically and check each component out, you will never find the answer.



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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    Try some factory ammunition and see if the problem is with your reloads or the rifle?

    would not be the first to miss a few rounds with the lil gun powder, seen it done and they both had red faces to boot.

    as JCS says you're trying to find what the fault is and then remedy it,

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    Good advice from JCS regarding trying factory ammo. That made me have another thought, which was primer seating. Years ago I did a batch of .243 where I hadn't got every primer seated to full depth. That gave me one or two duds. I don't know how I managed to do it but it happened.
    Years later I did it when working up loads for the 30-06 when two didn't go off, once again it was primer seating that was the problem. Just not concentrating enough was the likely cause as all my kit is good and I have not done it since. Just another possibility to rule out.
    I note Bob's comment at post #6 regarding the Li'l Gun powder, however I have not had a problem with it and my Hornet.
    Best wishes.

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    As JCS says, shoot some factory fodder to work out if it's the hand loads or the rifle that's at fault.

    I can't tell from your first post whether the primers of your "dud" rounds are being detonated. If they are, but there is no powder in the case, I would expect the bullet still to make it out of the case neck and possibly an inch or two up the barrel. At the very least, the OAL of "dud" rounds after they come out of your rifle should be noticeably longer than when they went in, and of course if you disassembled the offending rounds you could see immediately whether the primers were spent or not. You don't mention any of these signs, so I assume the primers are not being struck hard enough and are not detonating.

    This may be due to a faulty or gunged-up firing pin spring, or possibly, as Uncle Norm says, to primers not being seated flush with the bottom of the primer pocket, thereby allowing the firing pin to push the primer away until it buts up against the floor of the primer pocket, which reduces the force of the strike the primer receives from the firing pin.

    Even if the primers aren't properly seated, however, I'd expect a properly functioning firing pin still to detonate them, and for them in turn to ignite the main charge. How distinct is the indentation left in the primers by the firing pin?

    With a different cartridge, excess head-space might also be to blame, but with a rimmed design such as the .22H there's no way the case head can be too far from the bolt face.
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    Have you tried a different make or batch of primer? You could have faulty primers. I use Federal in my Hornet with 13grains of LilGun and Ive not had any problem with misfires.

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    are your cases dry I reload K hornet small cases are harder to dry been there got the t shirt
    cheers lister

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