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Thread: Satellite comms

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    Satellite comms

    Quick query

    saw on bushwear site they selling "delmore in reach " satellite communicator which can send receive texts anywhere in world .....


    got me thinking , I sometimes fish in bad weather down the rocks etc for cod, I know a lot of guys stalk in areas with no signal for mobiles etc

    a good idea maybe to keep loved ones happier knowing you can be / and send texts say emergency etc

    anyone use summit same or similar?


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    Sounds like a good idea for those hard to reach areas. As I understand it, you need your smartphone with you and it's paired with that by Bluetooth so you can use the phone anywhere, whether you've got a mobile signal or not is that it? I see you also need a subscription plan for it, don't know how much that runs to, so it's no cheap option all in.

    If you want to search for it, it's actually a DeLorme inReach (a typo I guess by sauer).

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