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Thread: .243 RELOADING

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    .243 RELOADING

    Good evening gents, I have recently treat myself to a new rifle a very nice howa 1500 with a schmidt and bender scope 8x56, I have been out stalking with it a few times and also shot standard ammunition through it to which i got a good grouping at upto 250yds the max i tested it, BUT........ After some shots with a good friend of mine before a stalking trip i used some of his home loads and got a grouping as tight as a ducks ass lol , so.. this bring me to wanting to reload my own ammunition so i though i would ask if there was anyone out there with any spare re-loading gear or gear they want to sell i would be really appreciative if you could post a reply or message me many thanks jon,

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    If you'd like some inexpensive reloading gear that will deliver top notch ammunition, and aren't hung up on snobbery. Check out one of these.

    I have one for all of my major-use calibers. The ammunition is as good as any bench equipment can produce. Just a suggestion. ~Muir

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    you just dipped, I sent my old .243 reloading gear to a friend of mine on monday who has just got a new rifle.

    good luck

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