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    hi i reload for a tikka t3 6.5x55 it has a 20 inch barrel,iam using 48 grains of n560 laupa brass cci primer 140 grain sst col 3.150 the best iam getting is 2500 fps. if anyone else has a 20 inch 6.5 please let me know if your getting any better fps. using 47 grains and col of 3.090 i get better groups but fps drops to 2400 so not deer legal in Scotland.

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    I have a 22.5" barrel. I'm using 41.6grains of N550 to get 2600 fps. This is with NNY cases and bullet (140gr SST) seated well off the lands. It sounds like you should be getting more than 2500 even with 2.5 inches less barrel.

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    Try a slightly faster burning powder. Slower burners do best with longer barrels.

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    Have just worked up a load for the same rifle using 45.8 gr N160 but with a 129gr SST. The accuracy is unbelievable and it would be deer legal as pushing about 2500. Using N560 would make it faster so it may be worth changing the bullet rather than the powder.

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    I use one with a 23" barrel and it's not a problem I've had, but I would try a faster powder first and then may be drop the bullet weight a bit if you're still struggling.

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