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Thread: Left Handed Rifle

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    Left Handed Rifle

    Hi. I have just joined the stalking directory and posted in the intro section. But whilst I was on here, thought I would ask a quick question.

    In the new year I will be looking to purchase my first rifle. I shoot left handed, but up to now have done my first few stalking trips with an estate rifle which is right handed.

    The choice of left handed rifles seems to be fairly limited - how much difference will it make to me to have a left handed rifle, or can i get away with buying a standard right handed one - where i seem to have more choice?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    Try to see if f you can get a shot of a left handed action see how you feel

    I shot for long enough with right handed action even tho. I'm left handed left eye shooter

    I swapped all my rifles over to left hand actions and was best thing I did

    Doesn't mean it will be same for you.

    No right or wrong answer but what feels "right" with you


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    I agree completely with Sauer. I would not want to be without a left handed bolt if I could help it. While the temptation to rush out and buy a rifle when your FAC arrives is irresistable, I would say take your time and buy once.. There's no harm in starting to look now - there are choices out there - and some may even hold a rifle for you. Mike at Calton Moor Range and Steve at Ivythorn Sporting are just two who AFAIAC take very good care of us Southpaws.

    Buy what you are happy with and don't compromise unless you absolutely have to. Do you know what you are looking for?
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    I,m left handed and left master eye, currently have a remmy right hand and a browning left hand action. When shooting off a bipod or sticks the right handed action makes little difference as the rifle is supported and the point of aim stays more or less the same when cycling the bolt . The left handed action comes into its own when shooting when sticks or bipod are not available as the rifle remains supported in the point of aim by the right hand when cycling the bolt.

    Either works for me, but as sauer says, 'No right or wrong answer but what feels "right" with you'.

    Good luck with your purchase.


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    I shot for years with right handed rifles but never looked back after my first left hand rifle. It was a Krico deluxe with a beaver tail bolt in .243.I now have a Tikka T3 Varmint left hand in 25-06 and a .22-250 built round a Remington action.


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    left handed rifles are designed to allow left handed shooters to have a rifle that is comfortable to hold and faster to operate without having to remove the rifle from your shoulder or taking the sight picture off your target for a follow up shot if needed. A comfortable rifle that fits properly i.e that has a correct palmswell and cheek piece will allow for more consistent shooting, and consistency breeds accuracy.
    Although the choice is more limited in left handed rifles with regards to manufacturers....they are out there, and you will find that the ones available are from quality manufacturers.

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    Hi guys - thank you for the advice! The couple of outings that I have done so far whilst up in Scotland have been using a couple of different Sako rifles. Was really impressed by them. The estate stalker I was with said he would only use Sako or Tikka now. One was a .270 the other was a .243.

    I go up to Scotland a fair bit, so will hopefully be splitting some stalking up with down here in the south as well as up in Scotland. With that in mind, I may look at a .270.

    I wouldn't be against buying a good second hand rifle - leaving more money for the scope. But I imagine good second hand left handed rifles can be pretty hard to find! Like you've said; I don't need to rush and buy the first thing I see.

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    Im lefthanded and prefer right hand bolt action rifles

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    Likewise a left hander. Can quite happily shoot a right handed rifle, but left is so much better. You have quite a good choice of rifles - Tikka t3, sako 85, Heym sr21 and sr30, Sauer 202, mauser m03, lynx, Remington 700, savage, Winchester mod70 to name but a few. Calibre choice is a bit limited, but realistically not a lot will complain from 243, 6.5x55, 270, 308 or 30-06. Look for the rifle and don't worry too much about the calibre.

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    I can highly recommend Mike at Calton moor, He is a left handed shooter and caters for us sinister lot quite well. My first centerfire rifle was a left handed remmy in .270 with which I shot my first deer (roe). I currently use a tikka m695 left handed in 270 which replaced a sako left handed also in 270. From this you could deduce that A. I am a left handed shooter and B. that I recommend the .270, and you would correct on both counts!!

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