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    Visiting Cambridge / Newmarket area over the Xmas to stalk with a buddy can anyone recommend a B&B I could stay at that's reasonably priced is clean has ensuite and a good breakfast and doesn't mind firearms under the bed


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    david and eileen winser,address is pointers,wistow,cambs. if you google it should come up.shooting folk and kennels.not sure if thats close enough to where your going

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    94 views and no comments c'mon lads someone must have or know of something.

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    This was my first choice,but sadly fully booked,I'm reliably informed that they are farm folk and no problem with guns.

    I did stay at coincidently a bnb called deer view. and friendly husband and wife,although she was a bit aloff ahen I returned and had some blood on my trousers,can't think why.

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    Thanks fellas much appreciated. anymore recommendations?

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