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Thread: Best Fox Shooting Book?

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    Best Fox Shooting Book?


    What is seen as the bible of fox shooting, if there is such a thing? Been doing a bit, have a bit of success but its all self learnt and I feel now is time to read up on and expand some skills.


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    The shooting bible...

    The amount of work he has put into this book is amazing.
    If you google his name, there are lots of u-tube clips of him giving advice.
    I'm told by all who have met him that he's a really nice guy.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Whey-I, have you seen the price? Sporting rifle has his books in at better prices.

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    a foxers year. brand new out and up to date.

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    This is the author, he is on here, i have the book, and its a good read.

    SD Regular

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    Quote Originally Posted by artschool View Post
    a foxers year. brand new out and up to date.
    I also bought a copy of Paddys new book, it's a very good read and full of useful information.

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    none of them mate ever bit off advice i ever got on fox shooting was pants forget reading about them and get out more and shoot them real world experience you cannot read in a book every fox is diffrent some come steaming in otheres just sit out of rainge what you have to learn is how to change the mind of the warey one the old saying walk little look often and get in to the mind set off what your hunting will pay dividends

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