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Thread: Updating a Sako Finnbear

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    Updating a Sako Finnbear

    I own a Sako Finnbear in .270 win only changes are a Timney trigger and Lawrence Precision mod . Lovely rifle but getting tired and I am thinking about in a refurb -may be a new stock from Joe West pillar bedded and glassed and possibly a rebarrel. Whats the views - will I waste my money? Will I ruin a bit of a classic?Should I buy a new Sako? Just a thought at the moment but all views /thought welcome

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    The sako collectors club is a better place to ask.

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    Does it still shoot well? Probably answers your question re a rebarrel - maybe a re crown is all that necessary. Regarding the stock a bit a clean and a few coats of stock oil does wonders. If there are big dents then a damp towel and an iron soon raises them. Checkering can be refreshed etc. bedding -easy enough to redo or indeed pillar and glass if needed. I would nt waste your money on a new stock etc unless yours is just a bit of railway sleeper.

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    You could upgrade the Timney trigger by replacing it with a Sako

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    Have already done the stock sadly it did not come up that well. Quite a bit of the checkering is damaged. Barrel was shortened and recrowned when mod fitted and it still quite accurate -probably operator error rather than rifle gives wider groups at 200m than might be classed as ideal ie circa 6". So my thoughts were to eliminate stock movement as original stock is not that stiff.

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    I thought SD was the SAKO collectors, owners club all roller into one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickie View Post
    I thought SD was the SAKO collectors, owners club all roller into one.
    Are you finally getting one?

    Finnbears are great rifles - maybe a re-stock but unless the barrel is shot out - leave alone

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    6" inches at 200yds even with driver error is unacceptable for a sako, something wrong somewhere.


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    According to some one here barrels on stalking rifles don't get shot out !

    But in all seriousness bear in mind the money you spend you are not likely to get back in value on the rifle. If you have lost confidence in the rifle and you are likely to still fancy something new after doing work to it you might as well buy a new one now.

    You could find someone with a borescope to have a closer look at the barrel. If o.k from there I might recrown and look at the bedding. I don't know what you have done to the stock but more than likely you can strip it back and have another go.

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    6" at 200, 3" at 100 . Get a good aftermarket barrel, the action is worth it.

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