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Thread: cz511/brno581 trigger unit

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    cz511/brno581 trigger unit

    Hi, a bit of a long shot but always worth asking, if anyone has or knows of a trigger unit for the above, or a rifle being broken, please get in touch, I know the spares for these are hard to find now, but no doubt there will be one sat in a drawer somewhere, so any help much appreciated lads.

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    what's wrong with the current trigger? surely it can be repaired, they're just springs and pins after all.

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    I am sure it can be mate, the rifle is doing some strange things, sometimes not cycling sometimes going off full auto, so, I am pretty sure its a problem with the sear/revolving cam mechanism, so if I could find a replacement, as the whole unit just slots in on these, it would be a quick fix, so to speak, rather than downtime at a gunsmiths, the rifle is mint and very accurate, so would love to get it sorted.

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    A mate of mine tried to 'fine tune' the let off on his 581 by filing the sear down, after that it was full auto after every press of the trigger! Someone has just dropped me a message on BBS about this thread, I have a full trigger unit spare, it needs putting back together as a couple of bits have come out where I was fiddling with it but all the parts are there and in their original state. If that's any use to you drop me a line mate and we can get something sorted

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    If anyone has a spare 581 /511 mag, drop me a line.

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    PM sent Boydy 47, cheers.

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