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Thread: New pup!

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    New pup!

    Just went a picked a pup at the weekend!

    It cost far too much; has no known working potential whatsover; will not be expected to track more anything other than its food bowl and I can't entirely rule out the possibilty that my wife and kids will want to buy it a coat...

    ...I think it's perfect!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congratulations! now the hard work, but the fun work starts

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    It's a little honey monster

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    He's not bad is he?

    No-one hazarding a guess at breed yet, or do you know and are just trying to spare my blushes?

    Clue - bred in their home country for their ability to track through impenetrable sub-tropical bush and despatch a full grown and pissed off Sambar stag while still carrying a cooler of super-chilled tinnies for their singlet-wearing owner*

    * - almost always named Bruce... the singlet-wearing owner, I mean... not the dog.

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    is it a sub-tropical tinnie toting sambar hound?

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    Nice looking pup, have fun

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    Is it an Australian Flock hound.... used in the chasing of deer and AOLQ..... known to continually bark while doing so and ignoring shouted /screamed commands from person that believes that he is the owner of the noisy animal..


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    now david am sure you got that mixed up with my springer pup...the only time it done wot it was wen a chucked it in the fire an told it to come out....

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    Australian? Hmmm, Labradoodle perhaps?
    You live and learn........
    .........or you don't live long

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