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Thread: Steyr-Mannlicher Pro Hunter stock

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    Steyr-Mannlicher Pro Hunter stock

    I have just purchased a second hand Mannlicher SSG 04 in .300 win mag. I need to stiffen up the fore end of the stock. My plan was to route out a 10mm groove in the fore end and fill with Devcon liquid steel. Any advice or suggestions gratefully received.


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    i did my prohunter (RIP) with acruglass, just ground out the absorber pad and filled the lattice with the liquid, no sanding required. it didnt make it 100% rigid as i think the flex is more around the magazine apeture than the forend itself. some people put steel rods in, but that wouldnt sort out the source of the flex. once i'd sorted the free floateing, shot about 300 rounds and learned how to clean it my prohunter shot very well, i'd probably still have it if i hadnt picked up WD's blaser!

    if i were doing it again i'd try devcon insted of acruglass as i have heard acruglass can crack if flexed.

    good luck

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    Where can you buy Devcon in the UK?


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    Sticks, Devcon is absolute the wrong material to use. It has very little bending resistance. You could make it even weaker.
    Now I don't know what that stock looks like but most stocks can be reinforced in the forend. Sometimes the amount of work is huge but it can be done.
    I did a few walnut and cheap plastic "tupperware" stocks in the past. Walnut is easier to work with. A polyester or epoxy stock is best to work with.
    This was about a ruger stock I did a while back.

    What is your stock is made of?

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    Hope you dont mind me band wagon jumping.

    My stock is synthetic and bends like a good fly rod!! (Mannlicher pro hunter)

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinl
    Hope you dont mind me band wagon jumping.

    My stock is synthetic and bends like a good fly rod!! (Mannlicher pro hunter)
    Sadly a recognised problem with the original Mk 1 Prohunter - the Mk 2 was supposed to have cured the flexing, however, folks are still reporting issues.

    If you want a really depressing afternoon, try chasing groups around with Mk1 that doesn't like being shot from a bipod. The flex really shows up when a bit of load is put on a bipod. Result? Wandering zero from hell.

    Nice accurate barrels - once you learn how the rifle likes to be handled.



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    prohunter vs blaser yesterday morning in a field in west berkshire... (the patch repairs with the small circles was from a previous blaser session at the same range with my .308 - 1.1" and 1.3" groups )

    right hand 2" circle is my .243 R93 at 165 yards with a side wind coming from the right, 6 shots just to the left all sub 2". the highest one, 2" to the left of the top right hand 1" circle was aimed at the circle, although i couldnt see it behind the cross hair on my swaro 4A ret. if i had the 4A-N ret with the dot in the break in cross i would have been able to tell where the 1" circle was.

    now the left had target...

    prohunter mark 2 .308 / 8x56 swaro 4A-N ret with norma 130 gn factory ammo. four 2 shot "groups" at the same 165 yard target, off bipod. the ones that you think are groups are actually not, only the 2 far left ones were shot together.

    this is typical of what i have experienced with my own prohunter (mk 2) and what others have reported, back in the days before i saw the light and bought a stylish, accurate, consistent, reliable, safe german rifle.

    i told him not to buy the bag of sh!t......

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    I know the topic mentions 'Pro Hunter' but, the first post is about an SSG.

    My SSG (without the accessory rail that is in the later ones) doesn't seem to suffer the flexing problems that people complain about. I've not used it on a bipod though, just resting my forearm on a folded gunslip or similar. With a rubbish scope that cost 12 brand new, it would do 1" groups at 200 yards with Norma factory 180 gr ammo. Haven't given it a serious test with the new S & B yet.
    After a few years of letting work take priority over my pastimes, I now have time to get out more.

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    Prohunter stock

    The stock on my Prohunter HB 308 feels a bit wobbly, but the rifle still shoots consistently well from a bipod. I was tempted to try and stiffen it up, but I decided that 'it ain't broke'. I find it shoots just as well as, if not better than, my Tikka and Sako.

    Click image for larger version. 

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