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Thread: This Year's Meat

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    This Year's Meat

    Hunting on the Armendaris Ranch in NM. Took us two daysto find this guy. Saw over 400 cow and calves and 15 bulls before we found thisone hiding in the lava flows. Using a 50-70 built on an old Argentine action. Ended up with a 200 yard shot that broke the spine and sent himto the ground, would have shot lower but the guide was confused about my zero,said he thought I was on at 150 but I had a 200yd zero (he told me the rangewas 150 and to hold "Center"), fell over like I hit him with a sledgehammer, it was like you see in the movies. Reminded me of shooting steel ducksin a shooting arcade where they fall over immediately after being hit with aBB. The four quarters we turned in to the butcher weighed 816lbs, probably wentover 2300 on the hoof. Last year's bull was a bit lighter, probably around2100.
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    Good work Sir. What a beast.

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    Hi Marcbo, its good to see such a fine beast taken with a traditional cartridge from a traditional firearm, good work my friend.
    I am not a great fan of the rolling block but they are growing on me, i prefer the style of the hi-wall or stevens 44 1/2.
    A friend has two danish rolling blocks in original configuration one in 8mm Krag and a slightly earlier one in 12.17mm, he shoots these in historic breechloader comps.


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    As a kid I preferred the Sharps but as the years have passed the roller has grown on me. The utter simplicity makes it my favorite. I have a couple of C. Sharps guns but they are built to heavy patterns that were used by professional hide-hunters in the 1870's. As such they are a bit too much (14-15lbs) to carry around.

    The roller I used was built to replicate the rifle Geo. Custer "lost" at the Little Big Horn. I load a 450gr bullet over 65grs of Swiss 1.5 Black Powder, exits the 28 inch barrel at just under 1300fps.

    By the way, neither a hi-wall nor a Stevens were buffalo guns


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    Crikey,that would need an extra strong drag rope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That is a lot of meat! Well done!
    My buddy and his wife just knocked over a cow Elk in Montana two days ago.

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