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Thread: Nightforce nxs 5-22x56 mil dot

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    Nightforce nxs 5-22x56 mil dot

    For sale is my nightforce nxs scope 1/4 moa mil dot mint condition no ring marks as been in optiloks , complete with box and handbooks 950 posted its 5.5-22x56
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    This must be a bargain?

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    hi bud how old is the scope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slack chamber View Post
    This must be a bargain?
    it is mate , I've just sold the same for the same , bit lower than I thought but I suppose the market dictates what something is worth ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Hi had it from new and bought about 4/5 years ago never been on a rifle though for the last couple of years

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    Hi Slack,
    got any photos, I am in the market for an upgrade?
    cheers AL

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    hi thanks for that am after something for my .243 and would like this would appreciate some photos if poss have money waiting

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    If anyone wants photos send me your email address and I will send them, cheers

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    Hi sorry to everyone I promised to send photos to, but still away till Tuesday morning will get them sent ASAP

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    All photos sent to interested members

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