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Thread: Another closed thread

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    Another closed thread

    Before I found the thread below it was closed to any further replies.I wanted to reply but!!!

    Why is it that the thread and/or replies were deemed so terrible that it HAD to be closed yet it is then left online.

    I bet there are many that wanted/want to reply but didn`t get a chance..these forums thrive on replies,lets keep it a little more open eh!

    There were no comments that were anything other than posters opinions yet the sword came down and that was only after a few replies and there was nothing untoward in any of them imo.

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    Started by mchughcb, 15-12-2013 21:11
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    It's the unpleasant name calling that admin don't like, no need for it really, it might have been removed from the tread by now? But also, in reality, where was the thread really going to go, it was stupid and not in the general spirit of good wildlife management, and as was evident, those that viewed it found it to be just so.
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    It did seem to be degenerating into a slagging match tbh

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    I personnaly think the admin team did the right thing, I found the video a bit pathetic, of the videographers, not the was obviously going to handbags at dawn once the name calling started...they seem to have the balance right but there will be always be a someone that doesnt agree with their policies.
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    They did an excellent job no one gets pleasure from watching such cruel behavior

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    They did an excellent job no one gets pleasure from watching such cruel behavior
    Sums up my thoughts on it....

    Good decision by JayB imo
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    There are a lot of forums out there where Damn near every thread turns into an argument or a dick waving contest. As a newcomer to the forum and to the sport it's refreshing to see that most of the members on here display intelligence, and respect each other. Everyone's up for a bit of banter, but internet slagging matches just tend to make both parties look ridiculous.

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    As we have said before name calling and trolling will NOT be tolerated on this site.

    END OFF.
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    They did an excellent job no one gets pleasure from watching such cruel behavior

    Correct nobody has to watch it so why do you, you watch it so you can pass your opinion on the matter. And in this age of faceless contact everybody has an opinion, because in the real world if you had to stand toe to toe you would not say a word. So if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. I've better things to do than watch crap videos all the way through to pass on my comment, and i would say this to your face a well as on line.

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    Are you saying then that only those that found some pleasure/agreement with the video can post then?
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