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Thread: 308 deer loads

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    308 deer loads

    hi guys,
    just cant get my head around all the differant types of bullet heads out there for the 308 so if any one has any good tips for a 308 load with norma brass,cci primers and varget powder would love to hear from you

    cheers guys

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    Mick, I've been looking for the ideal bullet for the .308 for a few years, so have tried a couple.

    125gn Nosler B/T were fast, & because of this made a mess of the carcass.

    150gn Hornady SST, expand quite aggressively when taking heart/lung shots. The RFD said they should be doing 2400fps or less on impact.

    Trouble with the Ballistic tips is they seem to be designed to shoot deer at distance,therefore at lower velocity than the 50m shots I have been taking.

    150gn Hornady Interbond - too toughly constructed didn't expand enough.

    I have read somewhere else that people have lost Roe to 165gr pointed soft point bullets,as these,in some cases are designed to expand on larger game.

    150gn Hornady Interlock, I liked this round, nice clean expansion, & didn't look gruesome when doing the gralloch.

    This is what I have found, if you go out & try the same bullets you could well have different findings, as bullets are pretty subjective.
    Enjoy the development. Danny

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    308 deer loads

    I am just about to start reloading for the first time and for my 308. I have gone with the nosler 308 partition 150gr soft point. I have used the 100gr 243 nosler partition head in factory ammo for many years and found them to be excellent for deer of all types.
    I prefer a larger round such as the 150gr for fallow and am currently using Rem factory ammo with the core lokt head which is also very good (until I reload my own). I could not find as a seperate component to reload, the Rem core lokt head, hence went with the nosler partition 150gr, which I am positive will work well. It has good expansion and seems to deliver clean kills.
    I have no idea about ballistic tips etc as I do not use them and do not really like them for deer, although I am sure many other will have their own views.

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    308 deer loads

    Forgot to say, I am also using varget powder CCi primers and my old Rem brass, I will let you know how I get on in the next couple of weeks.

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    165 sst's with 45gr varget work well. Not much will stand up after that. One of my favourites is a soft 44gr varget or N140 with a 155a-max. Very reliable to at least 300m. At least they expand at longer ranges.

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    Re: 308 deer loads

    Quote Originally Posted by JP
    I could not find as a seperate component to reload, the Rem core lokt head,
    If your local dealer uses midway, you could save a couple of quid rather than using partitions, which don't have a great reputation for accuracy.*%207243%20***

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    Over the years I have shot hundreds of Deer of most species here with the Speer SPBT bullet Ref. No. 2022 in .30 cal. rifles both .30/06 and .308 , also I have found the Hornady 150gr Round Nose to be effective and accurate .
    Both have caused acceptable damage to the game-dealer but remember, we kill things by destroying living tissue and a bigger hole in and out can often drop a beast which otherwise may scamper off wounded.


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    Nosler 130 grain Partition, accurate? 8)

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    I should re-phrase part of my post , I said `acceptable damage to the game-dealer`, `damage acceptable by the game-dealer` was my intent .

    I have at times though had nasty thoughts about them as they are often greedy gits !


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    thanks guys..... very interesting on how many of us tend to choose different bullet heads,like the sound of the interlock`s so might give them a bash.
    was told about the 155gn a-max but not to sure on the close shots and damage to the carcass but will have a look anyway

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