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Thread: Applying for deer legal caliber

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    Applying for deer legal caliber

    I have recently applied for a 308 for the purpose of shooting deer wich there are becoming more of lately on the land I shoot over and I would like to thin them out I currently have the land past for 22.250 the police have sent back a letter asking the following questions what experience have I with a high calibre rifle ,how much deer stalking have I done and if I have some who can vouch for any deer stalking I have done. Well my answers would be I shoot 22.250 and have done so safely for the past 11yrs dispatching many foxes over those years I have been stalking a wile back as the person I yoused to go with has moved away and I don't no exactly were he's moved to wales somewhere!!! Any advise on how best to reply to thease questions would be much appreciated.

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    just be honest, and make your letter sound posative, you could always go down the dsc1 route which can sometimes help.
    good luck

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    Thanks Simon I've spoken to another stalker I no and he is willing to take me out with him in the new year hopefully that should suffice there needs!

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    It's useful to do your DSC1, it was viewed favourably in my case, glospol can be a stickler on the "experience" issue. They're looking for reassurance!
    good luck

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    For gods sake if he has been using a .22-250 for foxes, presumably at night as well, then why on earth would he not be safe with a .308, or any other calibre for that matter, shooting deer in the daytime? I just dont get this what are your deerstalking experiences, the police should only be concerned with the publics safety, not if he knows a Muntjac from a Fallow, he has already proved he is safe with a high powered rifle, for 11 years, what more re-assurance do they want?

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    Why not ask plod to add Muntjac and CWD to your 22-250 as a target species?
    A CWD was shot near Cricklade last year.
    I did DSC1 and I had a lot to learn whcih it did not teach, it was a desk exercise.
    EG how to gralloch.

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    i would say a 22-250 is a high power rifle!!! tell them your 22-250 is't correct under the law for all deer , the .308 is for any of the 6 types of deer .You just need to have a good reason to meet the required laws .Request they tell you what they need for you to do and see if this is part of the firearms act .

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    The Police are there to administer from a security and safety perspective. That is it
    as far as I know they are not working for English Nature or SNH or any Deer Welfare charity

    IMO do the DSC1 if and when YOU WANT TO, not as a rubber stamp to get a 308 for deer.
    It has precisely cock all to do with the Police whether you shoot rabbits or deer with your 308. Deer is your good reason, you having deer on your land is the extent of their legal questioning, and even then...

    If I was answering that question I would do it politely with the facts:

    1) you have use a "high calibre" (whatever the feck that is!) for 11 yrs without issue, presumably they thought you were fit and proper to use that on foxes most likely at night when they granted it!.

    2) you have a solid understanding of mammalian physiology in order to shoot deer in a humane way, as you would foxes or any other large mammal. Shooting deer has never been any different to shooting anything so long as you know where to shoot it!
    Assuming you don't shoot everything up the arse that is.

    3) you have a solid understanding of ballistics and the effects an increase in bullet weight may have on retained energy, including your knowledge of required backstops and safe shooting (of which you have 11yrs experience)

    4) you have deer on land you have permission to shoot over and require a larger calibre, you would be grateful if they could add this to your FAC by return.


    we make a rod for our own back by assuming DSC1 is require to shoot deer
    fine if you are 6m into FAC ownership with no experience of shooting anything but paper.
    Not fine if you are as comfortable shooting a deer as you are a 200 yd night fox

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    we make a rod for our own back by assuming DSC1 is require to shoot deer

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    well, I DON'T Think they take DSC1 Into consideration any way , Derbyshire DON'T seem to interested whether you hold this or not , ????

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