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Thread: bipod size

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    bipod size

    what length bipod would everyone recommend to be the most usefull to use was thinking 9-13 harris but not sure

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    Depends what you want it to do, but he hey are a very useful size, if you're after one, shameless though it may be, I have a 9-13 in the classifieds currently.......

    For Sale: Harris 9-13 notched bipod
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    Quote Originally Posted by weatherby View Post
    what length bipod would everyone recommend to be the most usefull to use was thinking 9-13 harris but not sure
    It depends on your size and style of stalking. I like the smaller sitting Harris bipod - I can sit with it and use it prone. I also on occasion use the 9-13 or the benchrest bipod for shooting at targets. I have the swivel versions regardless of height.

    I found this one too tall for me in the prone position -

    Harris' product data isn't very helpful so be careful if you try to buy one on line.

    Try some before you buy would be my recommendation.



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    thanks deerstalker but im after a swivel one. and i have a mate with one medium and long so i will have a go with them

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    I think it depends on your own height and where you stalk. I have the 13-27(i think) the big one anyway and it works well for me. My pal also has this, but is too tall for it, it bends his back and he is far better suited to the medium one. He can lie down and shoot where i have to sit. Mine is perfect for nearly every type of stalking i do, and have only needed to go lower once, so shot off the binnys, He regularly has problems with the longer one so we are going to change it for the medium one.

    Regardless of the one that works for you get the swivel, it is way better

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    Definitely swivel and notched leg version but as for size, thats a difficult one to answer. I have three, short, medium (9-13) and sitting. To be honest I hardly ever use any of them but thats mainly due to the flatlands of Norfolk making safe prone shooting nearly impossible but if I could only keep one for general UK use it would be the 9-13.

    The other advice I would add is to stay well away from the monkey metal copies, decide which one you like by trying other peoples then buy Harris.

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    9-13 harris covers all my woodland / lowland stalking and the occasional trip on the hill. Get one with notched legs though as more positive, I had one without and hated it, sold it on. Harris are the best, you pay for quality but plenty of deals about.

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