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Thread: New found!

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    Someone been on the sherry trifle already

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    Re: New found!

    Quote Originally Posted by tedy
    Only 34 days before DOFUS 2.0! December 2nd will be here before we know dofus kamas. On dofus kamas moins chers every player will discover a completely new DOFUS experience. acheter des dofus kamas have to be content with the reports and forums. Even so achat dofus kamas, there¡¯s always a few of our dear players in the forums.
    Did anybody understand a word of that?


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    Need two slices of bread, butter and mustard, We got the SPAM

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    I typed the words into the Internet and they relate to new games that can be played on line by kids.

    This has nothing to do with the topic matter of this forum and is mighty weird for a first post don't you think?


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    Troll alert?

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    I bet if you read it after a couple of pints of the fairly pokey cider I quaffed last night it would make perfect sense!!

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    Let's have a little guess as to how long before Admin gets to grips with this I reckon about 90 mins. tops!!
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Admin have a little more pressing cleanup further down the pages

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    Sorry about that, he must have slipped through the net he was obviously one of the new "friends" we acquired overnight.

    I have just altered the joining criteria, I think , there will be no more automatic activation emails it will all have to come through admin. I do not have any other bright ideas to stop this at the moment. I'm sure there is a way around this, but for the moment bear with us, it should not affect existing members it will just slow things down a little for new members joining.


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    I think that's fair enough as this forum is remarkably free of both spammers and trolls. Keep up the good work.

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