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Thread: Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner

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    Lidl Ultrasonic Cleaner

    What are people's views on this for brass cleaning? For me it'd get used no more than a few times a year and prob only 20-30 cases a time (maybe more use whilst developing a load)? Has anyone used one? I use quite a few Lidl products and usually they're pretty good and the 3 year money back guarantee has always been redeemed if anything was faulty. I don't have an out building with power so it would keep the Mrs happy not having a tumbler running and I can tell her it's for her jewellery too!

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    I have one it's not brilliant but it works. I just wish the timer would run for much longer as I'm constantly having to reset it. For the 15 or so I paid for it I won't complain.

    I should have opened the link before replying, it's a different model that I have.
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    That has got to be worth a try, especially with the 3 year warranty.

    Be careful with the jewellery cleaning excuse however as ultrasonic cleaning can damage some gemstones.
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    There's ultrasonic cleaners and ther's ultrasonic cleaners. Go into the jewellery quarter in Birmingham and you'll see ultrasonic cleaners in the hundreds of pounds. So how can a Lidl 14.99 jobbie compete on performance?

    I bought one and to be honest it gets superficial grime and muck off the case but it doesn't do a true "deep clean". In fact I have found that they do little more or less than would a proper use of the dunk, dip and rinse case cleaning chemicals of old.

    What they don't really do, unless my Lidl one is faulty, is give you an as new clean inside the case. A useful toy, really, but not a serious CASE CLEANING tool IMHO.

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    I bought one of these the last time they were available. I find it works really well and cleans brass fine. I do about ten cases at a time in a mix of equal parts water and lidl's lemonade with a dash of washing up liquid added. Just be careful about what you use as a cleaning liquid as some can attack the brass and leave it pink.

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    I got one a couple of years ago, does a reasonable job.


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    I use one and seems to do the necessary.
    Needs a couple of the longer 'cycles' but at the price no problem for me.


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    looks bigger than mine

    I cant complain
    works well, timer is a bit short as above but for the price they are fine

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    Been looking for this come come back in stock at aldi or lidl and it has only taken a year. Used ultrasonic cleaners with a cheap cleaning solution recipe off YouTube and it got rid of all the carbon. I'm not bothered about case watermarks and it looks like it could hold up to 50 cases in one go

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    use the sea clean from maplins, if you get it right you can BOGOF.

    i put a glass in first, not plastic. then add water to the ultra sonic to top level. sea clean into the glass with the cases upright. i deprime first but dont size. 2x 4 minute cycles is all it needs.
    pour the glass content though a sieve into a jug, leave to stand for 8 minutes while the next batch cleans. the heavy bits drop to the bottom, with careful pouring back into the glass you can reuse the sea clean.

    been using it this way for a long time and always works well. the ultra sonic on its own is not tall enough to stand the cases up. if they are laid down then you get an air pocket with the chance for the inside not cleaning on one side.

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