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Thread: In praise of Pietasvenatores

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    In praise of Pietasvenatores

    I'll not go into excruciating or exquisite detail but earlier in the year I purchased a leather rifle sling from Peter, a reassuringly expensive piece of utterly beautiful, understated, superbly functional, craftsmanship. I'm not posting a photo as no photo can do it justice or reveal just how pleasingly it does function.

    The sling has been on a few adventures already; in Highland Scotland deepest, darkest, Dumfries and Galloway and La Bel France (whereto I shall be returning soon) It draws admiration wherever it has been seen. Which is something I've never had happen with any other rifle sling before... and it only improves with use, as it moulds to my shoulder and gains patina.

    I also acquired a 5 round ammo wallet at the same time in matching leather, with the same, quality of manufacture and design... It holds rounds securely yet when retrieving them from the wallet not a sound can be heard, it's brilliant.

    I urge anyone looking for a special something, for the discerning sportsman, to consider contacting Pietasventores about his wares... They're good.

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    That sounds great. Its always nice to know that good craftmanship is still alive. Is there a website?

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