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Thread: Spam - Please read

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    Spam - Please read

    I have just deleted over 20 names from the membership. It would appear that overnight we got hit by spammers from all over the world. They were advertising everything from Viagra to porn, now it may be that whilst wielding the axe I may have been a bit too enthusiastic and done away with legitimate stalkers, if that is the case I am sorry.

    If you are reading this and you have been caught up in this and deleted or you know some one who has, please email admin and I will sort it out. I can only apologise once again and I hope we can get it sorted out.



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    Looks like they are still coming

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    Member list looks like admin could offer cull stalking on it!

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    They are still coming Malc.

    You might have to do some more reloading


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    'tis the season, it's happening elsewhere too Malc!!

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    I think Malcolm will need a few extra cases of cartridges because they are still putting their heads above the parapet. Seen the last registered user name! - BuyLevitraKink. I wonder what he shoots with and where ????

    Heh Mal, send him an email and pose the question


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    I have deleted over 50 of these spammers in the last two days. You may have, or not as the case may be, noticed that the site is now running a whole lot better. This is entirely due to the efforts of one of our members who has done a wonderful job.

    He is so good that I am waiting on a phone call from him re our spammers, he saw this thread and sent me a PM telling me that he was going to ring re the problem, he is a star.

    In the meantime I shall keep on culling them whenever I can.


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    Wish I had stalking of my own, I would be happy for him to have a stalk or two for his efforts.

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    Well done John, Well done.

    I'll send you some extra cartridges by email and help out with any culling that's required


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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Wish I had stalking of my own, I would be happy for him to have a stalk or two for his efforts.
    Don't worry about that, it is all in hand


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