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Thread: Stalking Scottish Borders

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    Stalking Scottish Borders

    Hi All,
    Anyone interested in stalking Roe/Sika as my guest.Feb 9/10th---15th. You have to shoot with my rifle.LH Sauer 202/Kahles Scope 308. Very basic caravan on site.Not flat ground.I am situated North Worcs..PM me

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    Fantastic offer Morena,
    Funnily enough, I already shoot a l/h 202 but can't make it for those dates.
    I am sure plenty of people will be interested though.

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    Hi Morena

    Have you had many people taking you up on your offer? I bet you've been getting a few 'pm's'.

    Let us know how you get on.



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    Hi morena,

    Just interested to know why anyone taking up this offer would need to use your left hooker as against their own probable right hander?


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    Hi Wadashot,
    In reply to your query. Only one rifle at a time for each member of the syndicate, as some former members were entertaining paying guests from overseas.This is now strictly applied both by shoot captain and property factor.As for left handedness I was obviously a Friday afternoon job, parents got the wiring wrong.

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    Ok mate, I see your problem thanks for that morena.

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