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Thread: What calibre for photon??

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    What calibre for photon??

    Hi There,

    I recently got a photon and want a new rifle to go with it. It will be used mostly for foxing and maybe the odd few rabbits. I already own a 243, 222 and 22lr but I would like to keep them with day scopes on as they all have a purpose and to be honest the photon is pretty pants during the day. So what calibre do you think would suit it well? I've been thinking of another 222, or for something different maybe a 17 hornet or 204 ruger. Anyone got any of these and what do you think of them?

    Cheers BB

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    i got mine on my 243 at the moment... like you i was thinking along the same lines... i have a 17 hornet but its just too much fun during the day. so as i will mainly be using it for foxing i have gone for a 204... might be worth considering 22 hornet also or 17rem...

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    Personally given the detection range of the Photon i think it is ideally suited to a .17HMR or similar calibre.

    Although it is rated for up to 5000 Joules you are restricted on centrefire to a "real life" detection range of 150m with a decent IR illuminator, which although normally more than enough for most, the benefit of a DFA75, N750, Archer, or similar for scanning longer ranges certainally is worthwhile on a centrefire although for the money the Photon does a pretty awesome job, particularly if you compare it to the "next level" in digital NV pricing , NS200 etc

    As for it being "pretty pants during the day" i agree to an extent, but it is worth recapping that it is in effect a night vision riflescope which you can use during the day so not designed for during the day use, but intrinsically as it uses a CCD rather than an image intensifier tube it will not be damaged by bright light exposure.

    You may find it exposes the image better during the day if you leave the lens cap in place. (there is a small IR window to allow enough light through)

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    use mine on .22 to .308 with no probs

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    Thanks for the info guys. Didn't think of the hmr or 22 hornet, that's another two to consider just to fry my brain some more lol

    I do use the photon during the day with the lense cap on and it is pretty useable. I understand that it's effectively a nite scope that can be use during the day but it's just not the same quality as a good scope and I don't want to tie up my 222 or 243 perminantly. I did think about a rail with qd weaver mounts and just swap as needed but a new rifle is always nice and I can just leave it as a dedicated rig

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    That's what i have feller just mark the point that the QD ring fits to the rail and zero stays the same .

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    wouldn't go hmr for foxing personally. i know i don't like the things with all the ammo issues, but i don't see it as a true fox calibre, for me 17 h is absolute minimum... think thats another reason i keep mine for daytime use..

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    Ive mine on my 223 for fox

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    Good evening, I've got mine on my 223 for foxes, works a treat

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    There's a nice 17 fireball for sale on here.

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