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Thread: Firearms Dealer Recommendation

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    Firearms Dealer Recommendation


    I'm currently living in London, and next year will be looking to purchase my first stalking rifle.

    Who would you guys recommend that I go and speak to, dealer wise? I want to start having a look around fairly soon so that I can get an idea of exactly what I want. The brief impression that I've had so far, are that most places are pretty good with shotguns, but fall short a bit when you start talking more in depth about rifles.

    I don't mind jumping in the car and having a drive, so happy to go further afield if there's someone really worth going to see.

    As always - very grateful of advice!

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    At the risk of being boring (and repeating myself) - definitely worth making an appointment to see Steve Beaty at Ivythorn. Mike at Calton Moor also worth a visit. More local to you, a visit to Chris Potter's is always enlightening. I'm sure there are others. I think you're very sensible garnering a variety of opinions.

    Best of luck. Feel free to PM if there's anything I can do to help a fellow southpaw.
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    That is really helpful info - thank you!

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    Garlands near tamworth used have a good selection in stock, and i think you can test some out to. although i havent been there in recent years.
    worth taking your time through, and doing a bit of leg work as you are doing.
    good luck simon

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    Joe Beatham at Gunshop East Barnet. A large selection of new and used stalking rifles and a man that has a lot of stalking under his belt too. Free parking just across the road and a wide selection of ammunition and loading gear also. Probably the widest selection of stalking rifles in that part of the world.

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    +1 Steve Beaty, a true gent of the trade, and as anyone who has dealt with him will know, a revalation to do business with.


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    Another recommendation here for Steve aka Ivythorn Sporting nice chap and a range there aswell so you can try the goods should you be serious. If you find your way there and trundling down the A303 pop into my local gunshop in Salisbury and have a chat with Matt in Greenfields. My advice for what it's worth is find a dealer who's keen to chat and offer advice. There's plenty out there that want to take your money and sell you something that's been hanging about a while...

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    I can recommend Ivor Dadswell - Old Mill Guns near Petworth - He is a real gentleman without a trace of bull***t - with top knowledge a great range of guns and good prices. He has a website just Google Old Mill Guns.


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    You will do no better than Rick Whiteley , he was the rifle man at Potter Guns for 25 years , is a RFD , AND a stalking man .Pm me for details .

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    So many choices!

    J Roberts & Sons near Billingshurst - Sussex
    Rigby in Vauxhall
    Ronald Wharton near Petworth - Sussex
    Francis Lovel near Oxford
    Sportsman if you don't mind a drive.

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