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    Cool What a day!

    When the opportunity to go out after a CWD was floated it was all I could do not to jump up and down with excitement. The date was set for the 17th of December and a day off work booked. Then the phone call on Monday. "Have you seen the weather for tomorrow"? Yes I said it's going to be ok... No I was told, rain all night followed by mist and fog. We'll I tried to hide the sound of disappoint in my voice (to no avail apparently).
    Then the news I wanted. "I spoken to Bill and we are on, he wants us at his for 0630".
    So once home I got my stuff ready for the morning and set the alarm knowing that it would take me about an hour to get to our meeting point. Normal night of excited sleep, waking at 0330 and again at 0430, that fine the alarm will go off in a minute. We'll I lay there for ages and decided to look at the alarm again. S@&T it's 0535.......
    Up dressed throw kit in car and drive. As it was managed to get there only 10 minutes late. Boots and coat on. Transfer kit and we are off.

    With in no time we are parked up and standing in a rape field as the moon was setting and dawn was threatening to break. My mate spots movement and we confirm that there is at least one CWD in this collection of fields.
    Stalk and glass, further deer spotted and then our guild asks if I'm up for taking the shot. A prone shot is on and we move out onto the crop to try and get into a better position and close some of the distance. Down rifle on bipod, no shot, up move and down again. Clear shot steady rest and the deer stops broadside at 140 m. Breath relax and squeeze. Bang and a massive explosion of pins. The deer is down. Big smiley face. Twenty minutes from first spotting it and my stalk complete. Well the smile on my face only got bigger when we got the where the deer was laying. It's a buck.. A very nice buck.. And my first CWD..
    Grallock completed and deer in the roe sack and it's my mates turn. Off we set bumping a deer laying at the bottom of a hedge. We spot a number if deer in the adjoining fields a laying out in the open. More glassine on moving onto som high ground and hands a knees through the hedge.
    Three CWD spotted disappearing over the brow of the hill. They stop out of my sight but spotted by our guild who sends my mate forward. He's prone and crawling forward to a clear shooting position. The three are at the bottom of a gentle slope. Moving back and forth presenting the occasional broad side shot. My mate looks back and I know what wants. Range finder out and I give him two fingers (200m). We get a nod and he settles behind the rifle. The shot breaks and another cloud of pins as the second CWD of the day is down. I go to the point where the shot was taken and confirmed 206 meters, a great shot.

    So by 0830 we have two CWD in the bag and I can't stop smiling. And that's saying something. I am known a a miserable so and so most of the time.
    Well my deer is Caped ready for sending to the taxidermist after Christmas. And I've got some venison for the freezer, bonus.

    What a day...
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    Well done he looks a nice buck.

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    Nice morning out by the sounds of it! Cheers for the write up and sharing it...

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    well done a great result for the both of you! regards sbm

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    Nice one

    He's a lovely Buck, well done!

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Royal Mail .......
    eventually got the cape sent off the Claire Fowler to have a shoulder mount done. Only one little hiccup! Got the wife to take it to the local post office who when she said it had dead animal bits in the parcel... Said they would carry it. Luckily she jumped on the bus to the sorting office where they didn't ask what was in it and off it went. Just had confirmation that it has arrived. Just six months to wait....
    I'll post some photos when I get it back.

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