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Thread: 243 100gr federal soft point

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    243 100gr federal soft point

    Hi all, what's everyone's opinions on using this ammo?
    100gr federal soft point !

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    no problems for hunting

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    I have been using it for about three years and have good results on Muntjac, Roe and large Fallow bucks. Blue box Power Shok that is. Do find the 80grn groups a little better but that's just my rifle and nothing to do with the brand and as the 100grn are grouping sub inch I prefer the little extra weight.

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    I use this Federal in .243, I tried quite a few different brands of 100gn soft point, and was pleasantly surprised that my rifle liked the cheapest!

    I was given some Norma 100gn to try, these grouped even better, but not enough to justify the price difference.



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    It's good ammo


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    I've taken a lot of red deer with that exact round...have about 40 left I'll be working with on both roe and red deer this winter...

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    Roe, Red and those hard to kill Sika


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    Love it.

    Very effective on roe. Groups very well in my T3. Cheap.

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