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Thread: Sako A7 243

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    Sako A7 243

    Hi all, I've got a Sako A7 stainles Steel synthetic !
    Had anyone else got one ? What do they think ?
    Chris Youlden

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    Hi Chris

    I have the A7 in .243 (Blued) and love it. It shoots sub MOA at 100m and although pretty heavy with scope, bipod and mod, I actually find the weight helps keep it nice and stable off sticks.


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    I used Phesant Snipers A7 in .308 and thought it was a lovely rifle, it fitted me well, everything felt in the right place and the trigger was excellent. I imagine in.243 it would be just as nice. Regards sbm

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    There's a Sako A7 thread here, I summed up what I think of mine in post #14.

    Zeroing New Sako A7 .243 - Page 2

    The only two things i'd add are:

    1. Now i've spent a bit more time with it my group sizes have come down - it seems capable of great accuracy.
    2. The soft touch stock finish seems a bit thin - mine is wearing where it rubs on my shooting sticks.

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