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Thread: RED LED head torch

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    RED LED head torch

    While there are plenty of LED head torches and a few choices in RED LED torches, I cannot find a RED LED HEAD TORCH anywhere. Can anybody help please? Thanks.
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    Can't help because I am looking for something other than white myself. Out of curiosity, why red? Have you tried green? I have treid green and red crees and the green is much better (for my eyes) and doesn't bother animals (red made them a little fidgety)....

    maybe something like this?
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    I got one from B & Q a while back. It doesn't have a great light output but enough to see a few yards, and the red does preserve your night vision.
    I've just checked their website though and it's not there, may be discontinued.
    Not sure what make it is, will let you know later.

    ps.. Just checked web, mine is "Energiser" make.
    If you google red led headtorch lots come up. Here's one...
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    I've got one of those. Be aware though - it's red when turned on, but to turn if off you need to cycle through a pile of white settings, including flash

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    Pretty sure mine doesn't do that, maybe the newer ones do though so good heads up.
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    I've got a similar Coast one to this. It has 5 really bright White LEDs and one red LED. The white are bright enough to see clearly about 40m and the redis good to see where you're walking and for loading mags etc but no distance. The white and red operate off different switches so no need to cycle through white to get red. Definitely recommend it.

    Coast HL5 LED Head Torch - 175 Lumens (Camping/Mountain/hiking/expedition/) | eBay

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    Red only or red as an option? These are good There are standard and waterproof models

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    I have got a petzl which has a red light setting, cant think of the model name.

    Edit: its a Tikka Plus
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    Top torch the petzl tikka very handy with the little red filter

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    Great tool for any night activities, i use the same one.
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    Top torch the petzl tikka very handy with the little red filter

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