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Thread: BASC to launch 100,000 legal expenses cover for members.

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    BASC to launch 100,000 legal expenses cover for members.

    100,000 of legal expenses cover for appeals againstfirearms licensing decisions will be added to the membership insurance package offered by BASC from the 1st March 2014.

    Concerns have been raised that some firearms licensing departments have appeared reluctant to use proper risk management processes to make decisions in difficult cases; preferring that the courts take responsibility. BASC believes that its members must be able to challenge apparent injustices without the fear of personally incurring heavy legal costs.

    The new policy, developed by BASC with AIM Risk ServicesLimited, offers cover to members against legal expenses should they need to challenge a licensing decision in court. The policy will offer protection from legal costs for valid appeals following:
    •Refusal to grant or renew a shotgun or firearm certificate.
    •Revocation of a shotgun certificate.
    •Revocation of a firearm certificate.
    •Refusal to vary a firearm certificate.
    •Partial revocation of a firearm certificate.
    •Conditions imposed on a firearm certificate.
    •Airgun kinetic energy test failure.

    BASC is constantly working to improve and expand the benefits that we can provide to members. Adding legal expenses cover to our existing insurance package means we believe we have developed the best possible membership package and are offering the best possible advantages to BASC members.


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    What a good idea - I'll have some of that! Especially as I am in County Durham!!!

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    Good show .... but I'll await details of the small print.

    It's not clear at this stage what will be defined as a ' valid appeal ' (quote) by AIM Risk ServicesLimited. Will these cases be claims contingent, or will there be a solid underlying fund of cash from BASC to support legal actions?
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    A valid appeal means one that is sound in law, we have specialist firearms lawyers and barristers on hand to review each case.

    Claims will be paid by the insurers.

    A copy of the policy summary will be on the BASC web site inthe new year, a full policy summary will be sent to all members prior to renewal and when new ones join.

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    I do feel this is a good move as now inline with SACS as it will make a force think abit harder before dismissing variations and things so can only be a good thing, atb wayne
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    A good move.
    I think politicians are meddling with some forces procedures and attitudes.
    As above, it may focus minds on what can and can't be pushed through.
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    Outstanding, delighted to hear this, thanks David.

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    This is very good news, hopefully the very existence of this insurance will deter FLD's from imposing the unnecessary petty minded restrictions which they have indulged themselves with in the past.

    atb Tim

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    About time, but surely should not all the different sporting bodies get together and throw all their collective might together to ensure all issuing police forces all follow and abide by the same rules and apply the law as parliment intended?

    Its a pity that a chief constable doesnt get put in the dock to try and explain their dubiuos actions?

    Also why is there no right to appeal, surely this is the biggest injustice.


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    This is a great idea - the one problem with the law in this country is that only the very poor or the very rich have access to a defence. The generally law abiding citizen who works hard to scrape a living has absolutely no access to the law because, quite simply, he can't afford it. The "powers that be" know this and take full advantage of it. Unfortunately I can't see the insurance company funding a lot of legal challenges as they are in this to make a profit but none the less maybe the awful possibility of the average working man actually having access to the legal system will encourage the police and others to behave in a more reasonable manner.
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