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Thread: Stalking telescope

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    Stalking telescope

    I've always fancied one of these but can't really justify it.
    At 190 this one looks ok and is a lot cheaper than the classic Gray's telescope at 1200+
    Maybe someone will get treated or treat themselves to it...
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    If you like it, buy it before someone else does, especially now you have linked on here!

    You can always sell it on if you don't get on with it

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    Yes, been mulling it over but other things are on the shopping list so thought I'd give a heads up on it.

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    You would get a much more modern Hertel and Reuss or Nickel spotting scope for that money, and it would come close to a 30X80 Optolyth which usually make just over 200.

    I have an Optolyth and it is great and my girlfriend has a Hertel and Reuss in her cottage for visitors. The Hertel and Reuss is not in great condition but only cost 60 and the image is surprisingly good out of it.

    The folks in the Glasgow Binocular Repair centre can do a lot of work to these scopes at very reasonable money - so you can buy one and then when funds allow send it in for a service and clean.

    A really first class Nickel which looked like new went on ebay for just over 100 recently but I'm told that the Hertel and Reuss are slightly better scopes and they tend to make between 50 and 120 depending on condition. I've never actually used the Nickel so I can't compare them myself.

    The slight downsides with the scopes I've mentioned when compared with the Gray's is that when extended they are a little shorter and so getting a decent rest is a little more tricky. The Optolyth is probably the shortest of the lot and I've always managed to get into a position for a good rest so this problem can easily be overcome with a little thought and a bit of tactical lying down!
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    I have had an Optolyth 30x75 single-draw scope for over 30 years. It is 19 inches long when fully extended.
    These scopes are prismatic and not Gallilian like the common 3 draw scopes which are long unwieldy brutes.


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    I recently picked up a Swaro-Habicht 30x75 from ebay for 260.

    Not used it in the field yet, but lovely views mucking about in the garden...
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