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    Red face gsp

    Hi all. hope someone can help got a 18 month g s p bitch, looking for a tracking harness she,s 30 inch around the chest which i think,s about normal. any recommendation,s welcome.

    thanks Stephen.

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    I think I have a spare one which I don't use as I prefer a collar. I will look for it amongst my junk tomorrow and if I can find it you can have it for a small donation to whatever charity you support. Might not be exactly what you want but even if it isn't it might help you decide whats perfect before you spend lots of money. I'll get back to you when I've had a look. Glyn.

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    Thanks Glyn. sounds fine i will wait and see if you can find it. Much apreciated
    Regards Stephen

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    Found it and took a couple of photos of it on my two GSP's. Send me your phone number (if your phone can receive text photos) and address. Glyn.

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    Hi glyn. mobile no. 07977305710.
    I can recieve photo text. stephen

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