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Thread: Scottish Gamekeepers Tail Dockcing Petition

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    Scottish Gamekeepers Tail Dockcing Petition

    Admin, I've robbed this from a post in the Vets pages to give it a bit more profile.

    The Scottish Gamekeepers Association is urging people to sign its petition to the Scottish Government to lift the ban on docking working dogs’ tails, as well as to share the petition on social media sites. A ban on docking dogs’ tails made the statute books on 30 April 2007, with no exemptions.

    Please sign this petition and help give our docked working breeds north of the border parity with the rest of the UK.


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    Done! it needs to be overturned... sooner rather than later!

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    If someone from the organisation registers on.

    The petition will be sent to every person who is registered they can then read and choose to sign or not. It reaches 1000's instantly each then has options to Facebook, email etc

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    Done.. Good Luck..

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    Having watched that sleekit arse Salmond lie through his teeth to a roomful of keepers promising 'a revisitation' several years ago, I wouldn't hold your breath....
    Look at the notice they are taking of the consultation into airgun licensing, and the notice they took over the committee's recommendation before the foxhunting debate.
    Remember all their lies next year.

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