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Thread: time to fill the freezer

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    time to fill the freezer

    tomorrow im off out on my roe patch just to fill the freezer , and for the first time in 3 ill be stalking for my own pleasure !

    im giving the red deer a rest and im hopeing for a doe or 2 for the christmas freezer , no pressure of culling for for other people just me my rifle the dog and also this will be my first outing with my 6.5 140gn home loads !

    the roe are at a suitable population level after 4 yrs hard work , its going to be like the first time it stalked it !

    im so excited ( sad i know )

    like i said ive been so busy stalking for contractors that ive not had the time go !

    so wind , rain (more likely) or shine im going to induldge in my 1 true passion , good old fashioned roe deer stalking

    cheers lee

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    Good luck then Lee..............'M'

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    outstanding my good man,my the gods shine on you

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    i have just got back from stalking with the very sad news , i have a poachers or some irrisponcible swine with a small bore rifle .22 or 17 you catch my drift !

    while out a came accross a doe laying at the base of a hedge with a wound to the lower front leg , obviously caused by a bullet some time my quess is in the last 12 hrs .

    now im not one to faff about if there is a wounded animal ill shoot it the most humaine way i can , it was there fidgiting about obviously in quite some discomfort , so i placed a bullet right in the back of the neck at 60 yds when it was looking away from me .

    this is a problem we could all do with out as we all well know ,
    atleast i will have my christmas dinner .

    a very sad and grumpy lee

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    Hi Lee
    Its a shame to see your day had to end like that, but its a good job you were able to shot the injured deer, I went out this morn and was not to hopeful in this weather, but I see some Roe and had a good stalk with a very good end result, and have some meat for the freezer.
    so it was worth going.

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    Think of the upside Lee,

    At least you got to her early and she didn't die a long and painful one ( I bet she was in a lot of pain with that one )

    I know it's sad to see but at least you will know that you put her out of her misery ASAP


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    Hi Lee,
    Lucky you happened along then. That's a fair old miss there - assuming they were going for the head with a 22... It's pretty depressing what some people think is acceptable behaviour I guess.

    Nice one this morning Paul, I thought there was no way you'd be going out - it was foul here!

    Right gonna settle down to a good bit of Kelly's Heroes now. Love the old Clint films

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    That's sad to see Lee, although I'm not convinced that is a rifle wound? I don't even think a ballistic tip would expand quickly enough to create a hole that wide. It would have to be a pretty rotten shot too! It looks to me more like it may have got it trapped in something and ripped it free. Could also been run over by a car? You might find more evidence once you get the skin off. Lets hope it is something less sinister than poachers eh!?
    I've got some nice washable plastic blood soak grids that fit nicely in the bottom of a plasterers bath. I'll let you have one!

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    well lets hope so mick , gonna skin the roe tomorrow and get it in the freezer , so we will see !

    cheers lee

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    Looks to me a trapped foot as below the break is swollen. Look for bruising/broken blood vessels both sides of break. Also the bones will have a ragged appearance.

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