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Thread: .17 fireball set up for sale or trade

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    .17 fireball rem 700vsf set up for sale or trade

    professionally screw cut 1/2" unf and re-crowned
    custom bolt knob,thread protector
    17 fireball die set
    200+ new bullets
    new non floppy hogue real tree stock
    around 300 cases,roughly 150 of them are loaded with v-max,brass once or twice fired
    30mm rings with 25mm spacers
    fired around 400/450 shots max
    had well over 2k spent on it + reloading bits
    1000 posted ovno
    or may part exchange for a 17 hw100kt + cash

    will have to work out a deal with the loaded bullets,either strip them or courier them rfd to rfd
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    What is the action and barrel!!!

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    Think its a Remington 700 vsf

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiteman View Post
    What is the action and barrel!!!
    yup 26" rem 700 varmint stainless fluted

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails furball3.jpg   furball2.jpg   furball1.jpg  

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    would consider a part exchange for a underlever

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    do you have to have 17fireball on your ticket or is 17hmr ok ?

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    Hi rich

    You'll need .17 Rem on your ticket as fireball is centrefire and hmr is rim fire



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    Quote Originally Posted by leebut View Post
    Hi rich

    You'll need .17 Rem on your ticket as fireball is centrefire and hmr is rim fire


    No you wont, .17 Rem. is a different cartridge, depending on your licensing office, .17 Fireball or .17 cal. will be needed.


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    To be true to the law, .17 centrefire, cartridge has no place in the specs.
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